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Personal / Business Leave Request - Elementary

Personal/Business Leave Request

All Personal/Business Leave Requests must be submitted using this on-line form.

Please Fill Out The Personal / Business Leave Request - Elementary Below




All full-time certified employees will be granted two (2) days of Personal/Business Leave without loss of pay. These days must be for business that cannot be conducted on weekends or after school hours. Verden Public Schools will not grant Personal/Business Leave for shopping trips, or other non-emergencies without loss of pay.

In addition, each employee will be granted two additional days of Personal/Business Leave, but will reimburse the school general fund for the amount equal to a substitute's pay.

These days are not cumulative. After these four (4) days are used, the employee will pay 1/180th of his/her salary to the school general fund for any additional days used. This does not effect sick leave.

The Personal/Business Leave days cannot be used before or after any regularly scheduled holiday or professional day, except in an emergency, as approved by the administration.

The administration shall disapprove a request for Personal/Business Leave if no substitute is available or if approval would disrupt the instructional program.

Request for personal leave is to be made in writing at least two (2) days prior to leave. If it is an emergency, the form must be filed within one day after returning to work.


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